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Picanha (Rump Cap) FRESH


The price is per kilo.
Please select the quantity and cut type. Ex:

  • If you want three pieces, select: 3 (qty) and then your cut type: Piece Sliced/ Piece Whole
  • If you want 2 kilos, select 2 (qty) and then your cut type: Kg Sliced/ Kg Whole
Please note that 1 piece of Picanha can weight from 1kg to up to 1.8kg. We cannot guarantee that 1 piece of Picanha will weight 1kg.
If you want to limit your order by weight, please choose one of the “Kg” options.
Your final price will be invoiced to you based on your selection. Feel free to make any requests or comments in the “Aditional Information” section on our checkout page.

Grass Fed.

Qty and Cut Type

Piece – Sliced, Piece – Whole, Kg – Sliced, Kg – Whole